• Top Opening Freezer-358
  • Top Opening Freezer-358
  • Top Opening Freezer-358

Top Opening Freezer-358

Suitable for hotel kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets and other storage frozen products.

Top Opening Freezer-358

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  • Integrated container design, easy to store large food materials.

  • Step bottom design, improve utilization rate.

  • Thickening machine foaming, effective heat insulation, protect the temperature inside the machine.

  • Widen and thicken the sealing strip, effectively prevent the leakage of cold air.

  • With safety lock, safe and secure, can rest assured to store all kinds of food materials.

  • Choose famous brand compressor, refrigeration speed is fast, reduce energy consumption.

  • Two temperature modes are available and can be used for refrigeration or freezing.

  • Solid universal wheel for easy movement.

  • Rat - proof radiator plate, safe and durable.

  • Top door design, easy to take.

Product details

Self-contained safety lock (The real picture)

deep freezer

Thicken the sealing strip (The real picture)

deep freezer

360° universal wheel for easy movement

deep freezer

Famous brand compressor, efficient refrigeration

deep freezer

Product parameters

  • Refrigerant: R134a

  • Refrigeration mode: direct cooling

  • Refrigerating temperature: 0~10℃

  • Freezing temperature: ≤-18℃

  • Rated voltage: 220/50VHz

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