• Step Freezer Cabinet
  • Step Freezer Cabinet
  • Step Freezer Cabinet
  • Step Freezer Cabinet
  • Step Freezer Cabinet

Step Freezer Cabinet

Product origin China

The product can be used for refrigerated and fresh-keeping soybean products, fresh meat products, etc., and is suitable for large-scale integrated markets such as commercial center, fresh supermarkets, shopping malls, cafeterias, and restaurants with relatively large passenger flow.
Layered display, increase display space, order more convenient.
Upper refrigeration and lower refrigeration, wide temperature range, can be used to store all kinds of food ingredients.

Step Freezer Cabinet


  • It adopts popular and beautiful appearance design, compact structure, smooth lines, and full of luxurious temperament.

  • Brand-name compressor, integrated refrigeration method, achieves low noise, high energy efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, safety and stability.

  • Both sides of the step cabinet are made of thickened glass, which is highly effective and anti-fog, and further enhances the display effect of the items in the cabinet

  • The stainless-steel material is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and does not pollute food.

  • The built-in energy-saving fresh light presents the best display effect.

  • Integral polyurethane foam technology, environmentally friendly foam material, high strength, high density, energy saving and electricity saving.

Product details

Electronic temperature control is easier to operate


Toughened glass sliding doors

Step Freezer Cabinet

National standard power cord

Product parameters

  • Refrigerant: R134a

  • Refrigeration mode: direct cooling

  • Refrigerating temperature: 2~8℃

  • Freezing temperature: -2~-10℃

  • Rated voltage: 220/50VHz

Product numerical reference

Step Freezer Cabinet

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