• Glass Door Kitchen Single Door Refrigerator

Glass Door Kitchen Single Door Refrigerator

Product origin China

This product is suitable for cold storage of meat products, vegetables and so on.
This product is suitable for the hotel kitchen, restaurant kitchen, cafeteria, etc., the overall stainless steel material is easy to clean and not deformation.

Glass Door Kitchen Single Door Refrigerator


  • Using reasonable pipeline configuration, refrigeration effect is better.

  • Wide climate zone design, even in the external environment of 38 degrees Celsius can also be normal refrigeration, can adapt to the relatively harsh kitchen environment.  

  • Integral foam type, good insulation effect.  The foam material is made of pollution-free material and meets the requirements of environmental protection.  

  • Double layer insulating glass provides effective insulation and better display effect.

  • Due to the characteristics of the glass, the glass door can not be frozen.

  • All stainless steel is more convenient and practical for cleaning.

  • Universal wheel easy to move, strong and durable.

Product parameters

  • Refrigerant: R134a

  • Refrigeration mode: direct cooling

  • Refrigerating temperature: 0~10℃

  • Rated voltage: 220/50VHz

Product details

PVC sealing strip is not easy to deform

stainless steel freezer

Adjustable layer frame, free combination more convenient.

kitchen refrigerator

360° universal wheel for easy movement

stainless steel freezer

Famous brand compressor, efficient refrigeration

kitchen refrigerator

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