• Direct cold Ordering Cabinet-Three Temperature

Direct cold Ordering Cabinet-Three Temperature

This product is specially designed for the hotel and catering industry, suitable for display and sales of dishes.
The upper part of the product is refrigerated, which can be used to store vegetables and fruits, drinks, etc.
The middle part is slightly frozen, but used to store frozen products, such as meat, balls, seafood, etc. 
At the bottom is a small freezer for storing deep-frozen products.

The product suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, KTV, restaurant and other fast food restaurants.

Direct cold Ordering Cabinet-Three Temperature

This is a three-temperature model with its own freezer storage room, please contact us for more customized requirements.


  • With its own freezer, can take into account a variety of food materials storage and display sales.

  • Enclosed design, energy saving, electricity saving, health, safety, food in the cabinet is not easy to be polluted.

  • Adopt brand compressor, reduce energy consumption, good refrigeration effect.

  • Pure copper tube refrigeration, not easy to leak, refrigeration speed is faster.

  • Thickening machine foaming technology, heat insulation effect is good.

  • The temperature in the cabinet is even, keeping the original taste of various dishes.

  • Convenient brake caster design, placing and moving save time and effort.

  • Oversized glass sliding door, make whole cabinet body bright and transparent, show the effect is good.

  • Built-in LED lamp tube, bright and vivid light, better display effect.

Product parameters

  • Refrigerant: R134a

  • Refrigeration mode: direct cooling

  • Refrigerating temperature: 2~8℃

  • Soft freezing temperature: 0~2℃

  • Freezing temperature: -5~-10℃

  • Rated voltage: 220/50VHz

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