• Circular No Border Seafood Table
  • Circular No Border Seafood Table

Circular No Border Seafood Table

All stainless steel body and large display glass, durable and easy to clean while bringing the best display effect. The design of the double door also facilitates the taking of items on both sides to avoid crowding. Suitable for large supermarkets, cafeterias and other places to use.

Circular No Border Seafood Table


  • The product adopts popular and beautiful appearance design

  • Double side door design, convenient for consumers to take.

  • Fully open display and preservation space, good display effect, easy access to food

  • Select brand-name compressors with good cooling effect; micro-hole type air outlet, uniform distribution of air-conditioning, stable temperature in the cabinet, food not easy to air dry, and good fresh-keeping effect

  • The stainless-steel material is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and does not pollute food.

  • The whole machine is thickened with foaming layer for effective heat preservation and insulation.

  • Sliding glass door design to save energy and ensure food hygiene and safety

  • The color and size can be flexibly customized according to the needs of the store

  • Brake caster design, easy to move and use

Product parameters

  • Refrigerant: R404

  • Refrigeration mode: direct cooling

  • Refrigerating temperature: -1~8℃

  • Rated voltage: 220/50VHz

  • Colour: customizable

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