• Air curtain cabinet integrated machine
  • Air curtain cabinet integrated machine

Air curtain cabinet integrated machine

Double-layer hollow tempered end plate glass, good security and perspective
The product can be used for refrigerated food (fruits, vegetables, drinks, cooked meat products, desserts, etc.), suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, KTV, hotels and other comprehensive large-scale places.

Air curtain cabinet integrated machine


  • Equipped with night energy-saving curtains, designed for use at night and other non-business hours. Further save power and reduce the cost of use. Options: curtains, shelf lighting, label holders, glass end plates and mirror end plates;

  • The surface spraying adopts antibacterial agent paint, which effectively controls the reproduction of various bacteria, and adopts high temperature curing powder spraying, which has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance. Application of high-efficiency evaporator and back-blowing technology to achieve product energy saving, the refrigeration system adopts a microcomputer controller:

  • Adding laminar flow to optimize the air curtain, high efficiency and energy saving: advanced back-blowing refrigeration system, uniform cabinet temperature; accurate defrost automatic control, stable performance: natural air defrost is used to reduce power consumption:

  • The humanized design increases the display of the product, the product is beautiful and generous, and plays a certain decorative role on the occasion of use: at the same time, it makes it convenient for customers to pick up the goods when shopping:

  • The executive components of the refrigeration system and the control parts of the electrical appliances adopt domestic and foreign famous brand products to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the products. Increase the design of the heat generator, improve the heat exchange efficiency, make the temperature in the cabinet cooler faster, lower the temperature and more energy-saving:

  • According to the needs of the store, the style and color can be customized flexibly.

Product parameters

  • Refrigerant: R22

  • Refrigeration mode: Air cold

  • Refrigerating temperature: 0~8℃

  • Rated voltage: 220/50VHz

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